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Does Diet Soda Slow The Metabolism? | LIVESTRONG.COM

So glad I quit this stuff!!

Does Diet Soda Slow The Metabolism? | LIVESTRONG.COM.

Your metabolism will play a major role in your success or failure to lose weight. Elevating your metabolism causes your body to expend more calories, making it simpler for you to control your body weight. If this is a feat you are determined to accomplish, abstain from behaviors that may derail your attempts to live a healthier lifestyle. That may include limiting some of your favorite food and beverage items like diet sodas.

About Metabolism

Metabolism is the rate that your body expends calories. Everyone has a BMR, or basal metabolic rate, and an AMR, or active metabolic rate. The key to any successful dieting program involves increasing your BMR. Depending on the intensity, engaging in cardio exercise can boost your metabolism for up to 24 hours, according to a study published in 1999 by the American Council on Exercise.

Diet Sodas and Metabolism

Artificial sweeteners in diet sodas, such as aspartame and sucralose, cause your metabolic rate to slow by confusing your body. Normally when you consume foods or beverages that have a caloric value, your body responds by speeding its metabolism via the feedback loop involving the stomach, brain and hormones. The sweet taste of the diet soda tricks your body into thinking it is ingesting calories when it isn’t. If it becomes a regular occurrence, your body will compensate for the calories it isn’t getting by slowing its metabolism to preserve its energy stores.

Weight Gain

Many dieters choose diet sodas over other beverages because they assume that it will not impact their efforts to lose weight but according to researchers, it may cause you to gain weight. In August 2008, “Obesity” published a study conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center that evaluated the effects of artificially sweetened beverages on long-term weight gain. The findings indicated the more diet soda the subjects consumed, the more weight they gained.

Calorie Deficit

The only way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit. That is, you must expend more calories than you consume. Over time you may notice that your dieting efforts have reached a plateau. This occurs because your body reconfigures its caloric needs to match its caloric allowance and compensate for the calories you are no longer providing. Engaging in moderate intensity exercise for 150 minutes per week accompanied by a healthy diet that limits diet soda consumption will boost your metabolism and help you shed pounds.


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Turbo Fire: Day 30-ish Results

So, I had intended to take some 30-day results photos but due to all of the crazy travel etc. that didn’t quite happen. ¬†SO, I took some anyway to show the progress at the end of week 6. ūüôā (Better late than never, right?) ¬†They are not as clear as I would like and I wasn’t as thorough in poses as in the “Before” shots but you get the idea… There are no huge changes yet- around 8-10 lb loss and probably 4 inches all over… ¬†If you will notice that my pockets don’t “pooch” out anymore, my tummy is flatter, chest, waist and hips look slightly smaller… Meh. ¬†I can see some minor improvements. ¬†And, Ziva (my shepherd mix) wanted to be in the photos too… ūüôā

2/11/2012 and 1/2/2012


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“The Hunger Blogs”

So… I was going to write a lengthy, thought-out post about this. ¬†Had actually started drafting it and then came across this article. ¬†It is so much more thorough and well researched that I can’t compete so I’ll just share it. ¬†All I can say is that since opening a Tumblr account I have seen way too many “thinspo” images and struggled with how to interact with these young girls. ¬†I am terribly afraid for them. ¬†I don’t want to push them away but rather live by example so that maybe they can help themselves into recovery and learn to live a healthy lifestyle. ¬†But, I’m no psychologist. ¬†Please read.

THE HUNGER BLOGS – Huffington Post

If you are struggling with an eating disorder please call: National Eating Disorders helpline at 1-800-931-2237.

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There is no safe substitute for diet & exercise…

NewsMD: What's Hot in Health

Can the Mediator Scandal lead to Justice for D...

According to AFP, Mediator, a drug licensed for use by diabetics that became widely prescribed in¬†France¬†as a slimming aid, ‚Äúprobably‚ÄĚ caused at least 1,300 deaths before it was withdrawn, a study published on Thursday said.

Mahmoud Zureik of the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), who co-led the probe, told AFP that around 3,100 people had required hospitalisation during the 33 years during which the drug was sold.

However, these figures could well be an ‚Äúunderestimate,‚ÄĚ he said.

The study, appearing in the specialised journalPharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety, finetunes an estimate by Zureik in 2010 that the death toll from the scandal was between 1,000 and 2,000.

Mediator, known by its lab name as benfluorex, was initially licensed to reduce levels of fatty proteins called lipids, with the claim that it helped diabetics control their level of blood sugar.

But it also suppressed appetite, which meant it gained…

View original post 803 more words

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90 Day Challenge the “Befores”

So, starting January 2nd I joined a Beachbody “Challenge” group of 5 people in order to stay motivated and accountable for our respective health and fitness goals. ¬†So far all is well! ¬†Well, mostly. ¬† I can’t say I’ve been perfect but I have done my very best to keep up my workouts despite significant challenges!

I realized that I hadn’t posted my “Before” photos yet! ¬†So… here they are…

I’m really not sure what results to expect or hope for from Turbo Fire… I would love to lose 15 lbs (or more…) but don’t really know if that is reasonable. ¬†Especially considering the challenges I will be facing this month (travel for a family emergency.) ¬†But, I will keep hope and continue to do my very best!

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Are “Starchy” foods making you Fat?

Well, Maybe…

Recent research has shown that populations who have historically had high-starch diets have developed more copies of the gene known as “Amylase” which helps to break down starchy foods.

What does that mean to you? ¬†It means that if you have more copies of this gene you are going to a) absorb more calories from starchy foods b) feel hungry more quickly and so want to eat more and c) have a higher spike in blood glucose levels making you want to eat more because our bodies “enjoy” high levels of glucose because we feel we have more energy. ¬†So, it would make sense that people with higher copies of the gene responsible for Amylase would be more likely to be obese if they eat a diet high in “starchy” foods.

But wait, not all starchy foods are created equal!

Sweet potatoes, lentils, barley, rye bread, whole wheat pasta among others are Low Glycemic Index. ¬†(Range: 0-100) This means that they are broken down more slowly than other “starchy” foods and so keep you fuller longer and don’t cause a spike in your blood sugar so that you don’t feel hungry as quickly as you do when you eat High Glycemic Index foods.

So, these foods are ‘safer’ than foods that have a high glycemic index (white rice, white bread, potato chips etc.) ¬†Also, many High GI foods are also high in fat (french fries, potato chips…) meaning that overall, they contain more calories per gram of food and so you ¬†consume more calories on average when you eat these foods.

If you have higher copies of the Amylase gene you will digest even Low GI foods more quickly than someone with fewer copies (I know… lucky dogs!) but these foods will still keep you fuller longer and keep your blood sugar more stable than High GI foods.

So… Are “Starchy” foods making YOU Fat? ¬†

Maybe – if your ancestors at a lot of starchy foods and you inherited a more copies of the Amylase gene and have a diet high in High Glycemic Index foods (and high in fat) they could, indeed, be making you Fat!


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OTC HCG Weight-Loss Products are potentially Dangerous and Illegal

So many people have asked me about this that I felt it was important to start the discussion.  Please read this article if you are considering using these products:

Important Consumer Information about HCG Diet Products

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3 Common Misconceptions about Weight Loss

A Nice Article…. ūüôā

Common Misconceptions When Training for Fat Loss

Written by Michael Lee | Posted under Exercising | 2 weeks ago
RunnerGraur Razvan Ionut /

There is much confusion in fitness centres regarding what the best methods are for reducing body fat. So many people are using terrible training and nutritional protocols that I cringe every time I step foot in a gym! This article aims to help abolish some of the common misconceptions people have regarding fat loss, as well as offer some appropriate guidelines to achieving a more toned physique.

If I eat less and less, I will weigh less and less!

This is NOT the ideal method towards achieving fat loss! By starving yourself, you allow anabolic hormone production that is responsible for metabolism to go down. While it may be true that you will lose some weight initially, your metabolism controls the total amount of calories you burn on a day to day basis. Allowing your metabolism to slow down will actually make it more difficult to burn fat! There are several studies which examine this phenomenon. For example, one study held by the American Society of Clinical Nutrition measured the resting metabolic rate to lean body mass ratio in 6 six women over 3 weeks on a very low calorie diet. The study found that resting metabolic rate to lean body mass ratio decreased to an average of 82% of the original values within just 3 weeks! Assuming you had a basal metabolic rate of 2000 calories a day (the amount calories your body burns in a day), at 82% of that you would only be burning 1640 calories per day! So assuming you were to starve yourself, you may be able to lose weight at the beginning, but your metabolic rate would slow down and cause you to easily put the weight back on.

If I do Strength Training I will get Hyuuuuge!

Your body composition will change according to the amount of calories you put into it. People who are looking to burn fat are usually on a light to moderate daily caloric restriction and restricting calories is not conducive to muscle growth. For instance, you can strength train all you want, but you will not gain inches on your biceps if you are eating salads all day. However, strength training does have its usefulness in a fat loss program in that it can help to increase metabolism, and maintain fat free mass (lean muscle).

Aerobics are the Only Exercise I Need to Lose Weight!

Aerobics are an effective weight loss tool, but only when used in conjunction with strength training. Excessive aerobic exercise will cause you to lose muscle mass which is responsible for giving your body a healthy and defined look. So in other words, while you may be able to lose weight doing exclusively aerobic exercise, your body fat percentage will remain high because you will lose muscle mass as well. Strength training must be used in conjunction with cardio in order to attain a lean physique. Furthermore, the higher the intensity of the exercise protocol, the greater the effect on exercise post-oxygen consumption (EPOC). Your metabolism increases as your oxygen consumption increases, so what you ideally want is a large in increase in EPOC after exercise. Therefore, if you want to optimize your cardio, the best way to go about it is using high intensity exercise methods. I have my clients include interval training as cardio in conjunction with weight training. Aerobics alone are not as effective!

Guidelines for Effective Fat Loss

  • DO NOT starve yourself! Your body needs calories in order to maintain a healthy metabolism and hormone production.
  • DO perform strength training. A full body program which utilizes compound movements (exercises which work several muscle groups) will increase metabolism as well as maintain fat free mass.
  • When performing cardio it is best to use high intensity interval training for fat loss. This method elicits a greater oxygen consumption response within the body which will in turn burn fat.


Effects of strength or aerobic training on body composition, resting metabolic rate, and peak oxygen consumption in obese dieting subjects

Energy-metabolism adaptation in obese adults on a very-low-calorie diet

Strength training increases resting metabolic rate and norepinephrine levels in healthy 50- to 65-yr-old men

The effects of intensity of exercise on excess postexercise oxygen consumption and energy expenditure in moderately trained men and women


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My Fitness Journey

My name is Melissa Robinson.  I am a 4th year pharmacy student (graduating in May!) and a Fitness Coach. I have a wonderful husband and we have four fur babies. I was inspired to pursue pharmacy as a career by a pharmacist I worked with who was passionate about counseling his patients on their medications and disease states. I wanted to be that person- the person people felt comfortable coming to for questions and having the knowledge to help them.

In 2009 I started my own healthy living and fitness journey. In pharmacy school I was learning about the dangers of obesity: heart disease, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, weak bones and others. I decided it was time I started taking care of myself.

A friend loaned me a copy of Beachbody’s Turbo Jam and a Treadclimber. My life changed forever. I learned to love exercise, lost weight (which felt great!), learned to appreciate my body and developed a healthier relationship with food.

I became a Beachbody Coach to be able to share my story with others and help them be successful in their journeys. I now have knowledge to share about diseases and health conditions, how medications can help (or hurt) and personal experience learning how to transform my own lifestyle. I have been able to help people quit smoking, take control of their diabetes, high blood pressure and learn to manage heart disease and asthma among other things. ¬†I am committed to “End the Trend” of Obesity! ¬†I have a passion for helping people live Healthier, Happier Lives!

30th Birthday! October 2010

Merry Christmas! December 2011

"Before" July 2009

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