Tumblr Took Over! – Update!

Tumblr!!  Oh I am ashamed… Well, not really.  But, yes, it’s true.  I have been tumbling!  “Micro-blogging” is so easy!  I’ve been very busy with my pharmacy school rotations and DRIVING to rotations (or taking the bus- which is the best thing that ever happened to my downtown commute.)  But, that means I have been neglecting my “main” blog here on WP – because I feel that this deserves more valuable posts… a little more thoughtful and a little lengthier.  And, they take a little more time.  So, if you want daily updates please follow me on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook. 🙂

So, where am I with my fitness?

Well – looking back over my Beachbody SuperGym Workout Calendar I could be doing better.  I definitely had more time in January and so my workouts were much more consistent.  I am still exercising regularly- probably 3-4 days a week instead of 5-6.  But, my Turbo Fire schedule has been all thrown off.  😦  I started going to Fit Club- which is fun but we’ve done things besides Turbo Fire, of course.  And, I’ve been going to Boxing Class at the gym once in a while.

I have such early mornings- I have to leave the house at 5:40am!!!  There’s no way to workout before that!  I get home around 5:45-6:00 and have to do my workouts pretty much right when I get home or they don’t happen.  If I haven’t made plans for dinner or have something else going on it makes it very difficult to get them in.  So lesson?  Have dinner plans already made and ready to go!!


I’ve been having Shakeology once a day for around a month now. I usually have it in the morning for breakfast but sometimes for lunch or dinner or as a snack.  I have honestly been enjoying it and miss it if I don’t get it!  Yesterday, actually, I was planning to have it as a snack on my way home from work but left it in the fridge!  I was so sad!  All the way home… Plus, it messed up my evening routine because I was hungry when I got home and so had to delay my workout which is a problem because sometimes it doesn’t happen if I put it off…

So my current thoughts on Shakeo:

I enjoy the shakes- both chocolate & tropical.  My GI system LOVES it!  Evidently I didn’t know what ‘regularity’ was before this… and I wasn’t a horrible eater!  I ate plenty of fiber, fruits, veggies, roughage… so it shouldn’t have been an issue.  Just that makes me feel much better.  Since starting it I haven’t wanted soda or ‘needed’ caffeine.  I haven’t had Starbucks at all and used to have it nearly every day!  It’s $3-4/serving which seems expensive at $120 a month.  Well… I spend at least $5 on lunch everyday if I don’t pack something ahead of time (then I still spend $2-3 depending on what I pack.)  So, having it for lunch is more cost effective than having it for breakfast (I could have oatmeal or fruit w/ yogurt for $0.20..)

BUT – If it is truly giving me everything it says that it is… a full day’s worth of fruits & veggies, antioxidants, pro & prebiotics (there is a difference), digestive enzymes etc… then it is worth it to me.  Could you get these things in other ways with other supplements and a balanced diet?  Probably.  There are Fruit & Veg supplements and pre/probiotic supplements etc.  They can add up too and would probably cost between $1-3/day themselves.  And doing that you aren’t replacing a meal so you are still spending $ on food.  And, a balanced diet is kind of like the loch ness monster- I’m not sure it’s possible with this kind of hectic life!

The closest alternative I have found is Vega meal replacements.  I intend to try them just to compare- but they are still around $3/serving so you aren’t saving a ton of money.  The convenience factor of Shakes can’t be overstated!  This is SO EASY to do everyday- it makes a great to-go breakfast, lunch or snack.  I don’t have to THINK, PLAN, SHOP for what I am going to eat for that meal.  This saves me TIME in my schedule to worry about other pressing things.  I don’t have to buy multiple products to achieve the same effect.  What about the quality of the products?  I trust Beachbody.  I don’t necessarily have the same faith in GNC if you know what I mean… I know the story behind Shakeo and am thrilled that they support local farmers- helping communities around the world.  Okay, okay, enough about shakeo- I’ll write another post later.  I’m really not trying to sell it.  I am a resource if people are interested in it but right now I’m really just interested in finding out what it can do for me.  (And, I am making a lab rat of my husband- he has high cholesterol so I’m having him try it for 30 days to see if it will help bring it down!)  It’s not magic!  It’s not a weight-loss shake like Body by Vi or Medifast but it can help with weight loss.  It is a nutritional supplement intended to help your HEALTH not just your scale!

Other Meals- 

They haven’t been fantastic but haven’t been horrible.  Mostly this has to do with my lack of planning.  I’ve been eating lunch in the hospital cafeteria- usually a salad, sometimes chicken wings with veggies… I try to pick a protein and veggies with a small carb side.  Dinner has been challenging!  We had fish the other night but then burgers (I only had 1/2), chicken wings, chicken noodle soup.. It’s just kind of been all over the place!  Again- it’s not that I don’t WANT healthy food- I’ve just been lazy to plan for it!  😦  I will do better!!

Beachbody Coaching

This seems to be coming along, actually!  My mom signed up as a coach (I’m not sure if she’s really interested or just did it for me…)  But, she’s also doing Insanity and Shakeo!  I am SO EXCITED to see her results!  I will be just THRILLED if she is successful!  I love being her accountability partner- she texts me everyday when she’s finished her workout and logs them in the SuperGym.  I am SO PROUD of her!  So, with ‘Emerald’ status Beachbody gives me clients- they  all have different needs.  Some purchased programs and are not interested in the site while others are very involved in the message boards, use the meal planner etc.  I’ve been able to get several people started with various fitness programs and a few are trying Shakeology.  So far it’s a fun hobby.  I LOVE going to Coach events!  I love the atmosphere, excitement and enthusiasm everyone has for fitness!!

My weight loss/ results?  Well, I have continued to lose- slowly.  I believe if I am able to get my diet under better control and my workouts back up to 5 days/week I’ll see results more quickly.  Since January I’ve lost around 10 lbs, 1″ from my hips, 1″ from my thighs, 1 1/2″ from my waist, 1 1/2″ from my chest and some other inches… about 10″ all over… slowly shrinking. 🙂  I’ll post some photos probably next week.

“Ain’t No Fool” April 2nd Challenge Group! – 1 Spot Left!

This will be my first challenge group! 🙂  I’m excited!  We have 4 people so far so we have 1 spot left!  If you are interested let me know.  I am super excited because I will be doing a P90X/ Turbo Fire Hybrid!!!  I haven’t done P90X- have always been too intimidated but now I am READY to do this!  (Will probably have to skip out on Fit Club- cut back to once a week so I can keep on track!)  I promise to plan my meals!!

That’s all I’ve got for now and sorry that it was so scattered!  I have many things on my mind and will try to write some more topic-specific posts soon! 🙂


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