Natasha – A Real Life Superhero

Meet my friend, Natasha Rusilko from New Mexico.  She’s 19 years old and pursuing a degree in culinary arts, practicing her craft in the Dairy Queen Bakery.  She is somewhat (or maybe a little more than somewhat) obsessed with Michael Jackson, Horror Movies, Star Wars, Christina Aguilera and Pirates of the Caribbean (roughly in that order.)   But, it’s not her love of the King of Pop that brings her story to my blog.  Natasha is a hero of mine. Over a period of 1 year she managed to shed more than 40 lbs off of her petite 5’1″ frame.  Her transformation is truly admirable.

At the beginning of her journey she created a Weight-Loss Blog on Tumblr called “Imgonnamakeachange.”  Her blog is no longer just about weight loss but has shifted focus and alongside the expected ‘fitspo’ you will find the Moonwalker, Star Wars, Aguilera, Gaga, Cake Decorating and thousands of answered questions.  What’s extraordinary about Natasha is that, having achieved success in her weight loss journey, she has not abandoned her Tumblr family.  She’s amassed a following of more than 6300 Tumblrs.  She continues to offer advice to her blog followers and to keep them motivated.  She responds to around 40 ‘Asks’ every day.  She’s become somewhat of a Tumblr celebrity- her before & after photos have been ‘reblogged’ thousands of times.

So, the burning question- HOW did she do it? The way it should be done- eating right & exercise!  She went from eating >3000 calories a day to around 1300 but didn’t count calories, per se.  She focuses on eating healthy foods and allows herself a ‘splurge’ day around once a month.  She did a variety of exercises- she has an elliptical in her house, does pilates, works out with her mom (Who happens to be a personal trainer) but the workout she swears by and continues to do is Shaun T’s Insanity.  

In her blog she says, “I also do Insanity, which I swear by.  I should be a walking billboard for them.  It is a workout DVD program that costs a lot, but it is WORTH it.  It is very intense and hard to do, but very worth it..”She really did turn into a Superhero!  Every time I visit her blog or Facebook page I am inspired.  She is a great motivator and has a fabulous story to share.  I am so proud of her.  Her story makes me anxious to try Insanity myself! Since achieving weight loss success she has also become passionate about fitness and wants to become a personal trainer.  In just 2 weeks she will be turning 20 and moving across the country to live with her boyfriend, Mitch.  (He’s almost as popular a topic on her blog as Michael Jackson…)  She’s been saving her money for moving expenses and, at the encouragement of her followers, set up a ‘Donation’ box.  When I met her I was blown away by her story.  I was surprised that she wasn’t already a Beachbody coach considering her obvious passion for Insanity and her motivation to raise funds for her cross-country move.

Much to her chagrin, other Beachbody Coaches with less integrity have already been using her photos to promote their businesses without her permission. She and I discussed Coaching and decided that it wasn’t the right time for her to sign up now but that her story should be told- that she would allow me to share it and split any proceeds with her- because she deserves it!  Every day she recommends Insanity to her followers.  Over the past year there is no telling how many of them have purchased it.  She worked very hard for her success and there is no reason that she should not also benefit from it financially as others seek to achieve similar results through her guidance.

Does Natasha inspire you?  Are you ready to take control of your life?  To push yourself?

Are YOU ready for INSANITY?  

Visit my Tumblr Site to sign up for a Free Team Beachbody account and to order INSANITY (go to “Store”.)  Want Natasha to be your coach?   Do you want to invest in your own fitness and help her reach her goal of moving across the country and becoming a personal trainer and culinary creator?  Send me an email with your order: with “Natasha” in the subject line and your name.

To learn more about Natasha or make a direct donation- visit her Tumblr Site.  You can also find her on Facebook.



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