Turbo Fire: Week 5 Reflection

Week 5 Done! 🙂

Exercise:  It was a little tougher this week.  Things were complicated around here.  I made do – had to change around my workout location a couple times and missed one day. Boo.

2 things I still struggle with: 7 step (can’t make my feet move fast enough!! and in Core 20 the elbow plank with hip drop – OMG I can only do 2!!  But I have improved in other areas.

Favorite song: “I got your boyfriend” – heh 🙂

Diet:  Still using Loseit!  I checked out MyFitnessPal and a few others but I am just a sucker for the cute little food pictures I guess… it’s just really easy to use.  Anyhoo- mostly doing well.  Problem: eating too much at night!  We eat “dinner” at 4:00pm here – ??? So I’m starving my 9:00 and have to eat something.  I should be eating my protein bars but instead eat a bunch of fruit (I know- healthy but the calories add up when you eat a banana, 2 oranges, an apple and THEN need something salty – like chips or nuts or whatever..)  I’ll eat a protein bar tonight instead- they keep me full and I’ll only eat 200-240 calories instead of around 500-600.  Whoops.

Results: I think I lost 1 lb this week… it’s hard to tell w/o my scale.  The BIG NEWS is my heart rate! This is a true ‘objective’ measure of fitness.  I have an app on my iphone that measures it.  When I first got it I was reading around 75 bpm.  When I started exercising and all through last year it read around 65 bpm.  I was truly excited about this – it really showed that my heart was becoming stronger and healthier!  TODAY – 5 weeks after starting Turbo Fire – my HR is measuring 52 BPM!!!!!  I have the HR of an ATHLETE!!!   WHAT?  I am so excited about this!  My efforts – while the weight loss may be (somewhat) slow – are truly working!  My body is becoming healthier and stronger!


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  1. #1 by Frankie on February 7, 2012 - 1:22 am

    Yes. The scale is only one small component to measuring fitness. Great job. You’re halfway!

  2. #3 by Veggie V! @ Veggie V's Vegan Adventure on February 10, 2012 - 4:19 am

    Don’t you just love the positive changes in your body from working out? My hr was 56 at the doc on Monday. When he asked what I’d been doing, I said, “Oh. You know. Just a little cardio 4 days a week and lifting some weights the other 3.” ha ha. A little cardio and some weights 😉

    • #4 by Fitness PhoenixX on February 10, 2012 - 2:37 pm

      It is so exciting! I am starting to feel my abs. I couldn’t believe my HR is in the 50’s! Just a ‘little’ cardio LOL. That makes me excited to go see the MD today for my annual physical… But, I am still 1-2 lbs heavier than I was last year. 😦 Boo. But, I’ve no doubt that this will change! My BP has come down too!

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