How to avoid being over-fed by loved ones

I am staying with my in-laws at the moment.  If you remember, these are the lovely folks that fed me into obesity the summer of 2009… No, I don’t blame them – they were very generous and loving and it is their culture to encourage visiting family and friends to eat yourself into a food coma.

Actually, I should probably be thanking them for that – it was the photos from that trip and the number on the scale when I came home that pushed me to start my fitness and healthy living journey. 🙂

So, I am staying with them but THIS TIME I am wise to their ways and have some tricks in place to prevent packing on pounds!  (I’m still hoping to lose a few while I’m here…) I have, miraculously, been able to keep up with Turbo Fire (mostly!)

When I arrived I received lots of “You lost weight!  You look very nice!  You are slimmer!” etc. etc.  They had seen pictures of me and we had told them that I was losing weight but it’s different to see someone in person.  It’s nice to know that while I did gain ‘some’ of the weight back that my pharmacist noticed, I did not gain it all back!  And, it is still a noticeable difference!

Some tricks to avoid being over-fed by over-loving in-laws:

1. NEVER let your plate get empty.  Take a small portion initially, then either allow them to put more on your plate or put more yourself (they must be watching you do it).  (Preferably let them do it.)  Then, if you think you will eat it all, add some more just for show.

2. Pile on the salad– spread it out on your plate so there’s not much room to load it up with rice.  If there isn’t any, get a large piece of bread to cover 1/2 the plate.

3. It’s okay to leave food on the plate as long as you INSIST that you will DIE if you eat anymore.

4. Keep enough room in your calorie budget for dessert as it will be forced upon you.

5. INSIST on exercise.


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