Turbo Fire: Week 1 Reflection

Woot!  I have completed week 1 of Turbo Fire.  Let me say- yes, I love it.  LOVE it.  It’s Turbo Jam on Speed!

Exercise: There are some new moves, familiar old moves and some modified ‘pumped up’ versions of old moves.  The music is great and Chalene, as always, is fantastic.  On Friday I barely made it through the Fire 55 EZ class!  I almost gave up – after the fire drills I was just limp.. like a rag doll.  I hit ‘pause’ and took a 5 minute break then went back at it and finished as strong as I could.  So glad I did! AND avoided cheesecake that same night!

Favorite Move: Fire Throw!

Diet:  Well… I’ve had Shakeology most days except for Thursday.  It has actually been quite helpful not to have to come up with something interesting to eat.. knowing that at least 1 meal is already planned.  It does satisfy me and keep me full for several hours.  I’ve found that I actually like it rather “thin.”  I tried it with milk but prefer just water and ice.  I like to add a spoonful of peanut butter or a mint oreo.. Experimenting with other additions to keep it interesting.  I only have a few left of the chocolate and will have to use the Greenberry…  Still working on the recipes for the Greenberry… added some blueberry pomegranate yoplait smoothie to it and it wasn’t awful…

I am really going to be sad… for some reason I am really enjoying the chocolate shakeology.  I can’t say that it’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever had but I feel like I’ve done something good for myself when I have it- I feel… “clean”?  You know how when you eat a cheeseburger & fries how you feel all sluggish and gross?  Well, this is the opposite of that.  I won’t say yet that I feel like I have more energy or something but I do feel ‘good’ and satisfied. 🙂

I have intentions to do some couponing this weekend and plan a freezer cooking event next week so that meals will be easier this coming month.  (I’ll get to use my new food saver!)  Working on that menu…

I haven’t recorded anything (I used the iphone app “Lose it” before and it was great but haven’t done that yet this time.)… overall I don’t think it’s been a terrible food week but it could be better.  I am notorious for not drinking enough water… I really need to work on that!!  And I need a good healthy alternative to satisfy my salty/crunchy cracker craving… Shake does it for my sweet tooth but I am a SUCKER for salty, crunchy snacks… mostly crackers, rice cakes, croutons… I somehow manage to avoid potato chips… I’ve been having popcorn.. PLEASE let me know if you have suggestions!!!

Results:  (I’m going to tell you that I’m not a huge fan of reporting this… it really makes me uncomfortable… but I know that people find it motivating so…. this is for you!)  According to the scale I have lost 2 lbs this past week, 0.5″ off my hips and 0.5″ off my waist.  Not bad for a week’s work, I think. 🙂  Will push it harder this week!


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